Ham Radio for Peace

For Paris 13 Nov 2015:

Ham Radio for Peace

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Great video about ARDF

YouTube, 2015-01-08

Alexander Shejnis, UA1AJD, uploded a great video (in English language) about (ARDFAmateur Radio Direction Finding) to YouTube:

Link zum YouTube-Video

This is a great advertising about the little exotic sport ARDF and our hobby ham radio in general!




Why ham radio endures in a world of tweets

Wired 2011-02-03


This informative article describes what still makes the fascination of amateur radio in the modern world with all its possibilties of communication using the internet.

It also points out my personal attraction: the possibilty of establishing point-to-point commnication without the need of third party infrastructure - just two radio sets and antennas on both sides are sufficient, even power supply may come from batteries or solar panels.

[external link] Link to article



Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down

PCWorld 2011-01-28


Amateur radio is well known as an alternative communications medium when all other possibilities (like telephone, mobile phone etc.) are down due to desasters. But there may be othet reasons why the usual communication channels cannot be used anymore. An example are the political rumors in Egypt in these days. The government shut down the internet and mobile phone networks in order to prohibit the communication of the national opposition.

This article shows a couple of ways of how to establish alternative communication channels without the need of governmental controlled infrastructure. One possibility is the use of amateur radio or to be more precise packet radio. This does not allow high bandwidth communication as required for videos but is sufficient for text messages, chat etc.

[external link] Link to article



Low-tech radios connect some Haitians

CNN 2010-01-20

[screen shot]

Although I wouldn't say that amateur radio is "low-tech" this is a very informative article about reastablishing communication after disasters like the Haiti earthquake. Nowadays amateur radio plays an important role epecially in the first hours after the incident when all other communication facilities are not working. But later on other communication channels take over again more and more.

[external link] Link to article




Thorsten, DL3BC

My private homepage informs about the aspects of the great hobby [external link] amateur radio [internal link] I am mainly interested in:

[internal link] ARDF or radio orienteering

[internal link] digital modes on the shortwave bands

[internal link] portable radio activities, mainly SOTA (Summits On The Air)

Here you find some information about my amateur radio equipment and my QSL cards:

[internal link] Station

[internal link] QSL

Furthermore you can find an extract of articles about amateur radio in non-amateur publications:

[internal link] media
(To be up to date visit my site regularly or [feed] subscribe to the news feed)

and a collection of amateur radio related

[internal link] links.

I also publish a [internal link] weblog, but only in German.

This website shall give other radio amateurs (especially beginners) with the same interests some information about these aspects of our nice hobby.

Since this is a private, non-commercial website and I do not get any income from it. All mentioned products, trade marks and shopping hints are only for information. They are based on my personel experience and are not intended for advertising.


California teacher inspires a new generation

[external link] Link to article The Philadelphia Inquirer 2009-08-16

A story of how it is possible to enthuse the youth for amateur radio in times of multiple other technical toys.




Lighthouse puts spotlight on Byron

[external link] Link to article The Northern Star 2009-08-06

A sneak preview to the International Lighthouse Weekend on August 15th / 16th.



In Kentucky, Officials See Ham Radio as a Backup

[external link] Link to article The New York Times 2009-08-01

This article documents that (some) US officials already understood the importance of amateur radio in the meaning of my last blog entry.

Unfortunately a radio amateur talks about amateur radio as "a dying thing right now because people are going to the Internet." That's too pessimistic from my point of view and may implicit a self-fulfilling prophecy.



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